Latvian Credit Union takes it seriously when it comes to Fraud protection. We partner with Shazam Brella to keep your card secure.

Brella helps you protect your LCU debit card by sending you alerts when your card is used, so you can quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity on your account. You can immediately turn your card off and on in order to disable a lost or stolen card or to control spending. Users have the option to receive alerts via text or email.

Alerts are provided for:

  • Purchases exceeding thresholds as defined by you
  • Card-not-present purchases
  • Suspicious or high-risk transactions

Users can set blocks for:

  • Transactions exceeding a specific dollar amount
  • Internet and phone transactions
  • Transactions conducted outside of the U.S.

If you receive a suspicious transaction alert and you do not recognize this transaction, please call SHAZAM toll-free at 866-508-2693 to review the suspicious activity with a fraud specialist.

General inquires may be directed to a Latvian Credit Union representative by calling 612-722-5004 or sending an email to

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